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Online Access to your medical records allows you to book appointments online, order prescriptions and to see parts of your medical records.

Please click to download a form if you wish to request online access to your medical records or request removal of access for a parent/carer.

Please post the form back to the surgery or email to

Please allow 7 days once you have returned the form by email for your login details to be posted to you.

More information can be found in the Patient Information Leaflet (PDF, 339KB).


Please visit the website here for information on the NHS App.


  1. For patients or parents/carers who are granted online access to their medical records, they will be permitted to see the following parts of their medical records online:
    1. Summary
    2. Problems
    3. Medications
    4. Immunisations
    5. Allergies
  2. The following registered patients may have access to their own medical records online:
    1. Aged 16 years and above
    2. Aged 12-15, with their parent/carers consent (or without at the GPs discretion)
  3. The following people may have access to the medical records of a registered patient online:
    1. Parents/carers of registered patients aged below 12 years
    2. Parents/carers of registered patients aged 12 to 15 years with the child’s consent
    3. Next of Kin or Carer for registered patients over the age of 16*
      *A consent to disclosure form must have been completed initially on this occasion.
  4. All requests for on-line access will be reviewed by a practice GP
    Access may be granted on the following basis
    1. Full access to all permitted fields
    2. Full access but with some fields limited and/or some records hidden
    3. Access withheld pending a consultation between the GP and patient and/or parent/carer
  5. Children aged 12 to 15 may request the removal of online access by their parent/carer to their records
    1. All such requests will be reviewed by the GP and access will be withdrawn if the GP agrees

Consent to Disclose Medical Information

If a relative or Carer is required to have access to your confidential medical information, please complete the form below and send to Central Surgery. It is vitally important that this form is signed by you as the patient and by an independent witness who the consent is not being granted for. If for any reason it is felt the request is suspicious the Practice withholds the right to ask for further information from the patient who the records belong to.

Consent to Disclose Medical Information Form (PDF, 40KB)

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