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Patient Survey 2012


The practice is keen to ensure that our patients are involved in decisions around the services provided by Central Surgery. As such the practice signed up to the Patient Participation DES and last year set out to establish a Patient Reference Group. The group was established with an original membership of 47 patients early in 2012. Unfortunately since then many patients have disengaged from this and the membership is now rather less. The practice recognises the importance of patient engagement and as such will seek to find more members in the future.

The practice already has an established Patient Forum, the membership of which is Robert Lyden, Rosalind Halstead, Jenny Russell, Lisa Atkin, Ursula Vickerton, Deborah West and Anna-Jade Andrews.

Review from the 2011 survey

Following the 2011 patient survey the practice has published a “YOU SAID, WE DID” bulletin on our practice website, in our surgery and in the practice newsletter. Indeed the production of the newsletter itself is as a result of feedback from the 2011 survey. We have also made great efforts to improve the public perception of the reception staff and hope that patients have over time notice improvements in this area.

Following criticism from patients about the appointment system and having to wait up to four weeks to be seen we fully overhauled our system in May of 2012, so that more appointments are book on the day. The 2012 survey does highlight that there are still access issues to be addressed which the practice will consider over the coming months. Further changes made as a result of the 2011 survey are shown below, this extract is taken from our practice website


There are not enough Doctors available.” & " There are too many Locum Doctors.” We have employed two new Doctors.
“I am concerned at the lack of information sent to a patient, when changes are made.” We now create a quarterly newsletter, which you can pick up from both surgeries and the local chemists, that contains all up to date information.
“I would like to ring Goxhill Surgery direct for appointments.” We have released Goxhill Surgery’s telephone number, so that patients’ can phone there directly on 01469 532617.
“It can be difficult to access the Surgery when you are with a pushchair or you are disabled.” We have fitted an automatic door to enable easier access into the Surgery.
“It can take up to an hour before someone answers the telephone at 8.00am.” We have changed our Goxhill opening times to 8.00am, so that Patients wanting to attend the Goxhill surgery can now ring there directly, in order to utilise the phone lines more efficiently.
“I do not wish to have to walk past others to put my prescription in the repeat box.” We have re-located our prescription box so that is next to the front desk in Reception, there is also another box for prescriptions opposite the check in machine just through the main door.
“I would prefer an easier way to order my prescription, which will not coincide with my working times.” We have created an e-mail prescription service, where you can either e-mail us your prescription to: Or you can send a request form in via our
“Please re-consider opening the Ulceby Surgery.” The Ulceby Surgery is now available for appointments on a Tuesday afternoon between 2 and 4pm, for a trial period of three months.
“Please publish the flu clinic dates on the website” We now update our News and Notices section on the website to include the Flu Clinic dates; we will continue to do this each year.
"I would prefer a more confidential way to hand my sample in, rather than giving it to the receptionist” Patients are now able to place their sample through the letterbox located on the ‘Treatment Room 2’ door. It is essential that patient name and D.O.B are attached to any samples given.

Developing our 2012 survey

The Practice approached the Patient Forum to help design the questionnaire to seek views of patients registered with Central Surgery, Barton-upon-Humber and the Village Surgery, Goxhill. The 2012 questionnaire was largely based on the 2011 survey as this was felt useful to give comparisons to the previous year’s responses.

Who was invited to take part in the survey?

Using the clinical computer system we randomly selected 1,000 patients aged 14 years and over who had not taken part in last year’s survey. Each of these 1000 patients were written to personally with a copy of the questionnaire and a form asking for any additional comments they may wish to make. A separate form was also included to gather demographic data from the patient to ensure a representative sample. Whilst the practice staff are aware of which patients were sent a survey, the returned questionnaires were anonymous.

A total of 306 questionnaires were returned by the deadline, however, not all questions were answered by all participants.

Developing our action plan

Once the survey results were analysed, a copy was sent out to the Patient Reference Group members with further questions asked of them which are listed in the next section.

There were only 14 responses received from the 32. We have assumed that the 18 people who did not respond, no longer want to be part of the PRG Given that now low number the practice will need to seek additional members for the PRG.

The answers given by the PRG members are as follows:

  1. In your opinion, do you feel the services have improved or got worse at Central Surgery in the last 12 months?
  • For me, the services haven’t improved or got worse. I thought it improved by being able to book an appointment 2 weeks in advance, which was a great help for me, but then that was taken away again.
  • I personally felt little needed doing to improve what has always been a very good service. Both Central Surgery and Goxhill have implemented “refinements” which have improved both facilities. The service has certainly NOT deteriorated.
  • They have improved. The doors are great. A lovely pleasant receptionist with lots of patience has been employed. I found the doctors pleasant even though the Surgery was full. All the nurses are very good. It isn’t always possible to see your own doctor but as the medical notes are on the computer you are allowed to see someone else.
  • Responds re Goxhill Surgery – About the same.
  • Reading the results of the 2012 survey, I can only think that these patients are using a different Surgery to me. I have never come across these rude receptionists, or doctors, or nurses. I and my late partner have had nothing but the best treatment from everyone connected to the Surgery. I think you are all doing everything you can to help us patients, and yes the services have improved.
  • The system has not really improved as it is still difficult to get an appointment when you need one. Trying to make an appointment via the phone is still difficult and you never get to see the doctor you want to see.
  • In my opinion I don’t see any deterioration in services, but at the same time I don’t see a great deal of improvement either! 1) An extreme lack of doctor/patient continuity. 2) I personally have seen very little improvement in the appointment system, either when phoning for an appointment, or a system where patients have to queue outside the surgery in all weather, in an attempt to make an appointment, it didn’t happen in the twentieth century, then why should it be happening in the twenty first? 3) It doesn’t need an expert to see the obvious, the Surgery even with improvised improvements is never going to cope with the ever increasing housing and population increase, not only in the town, but also the surrounding villages! Opening additional surgeries in the villages doesn’t have its merits, but without first recruiting doctors to man these surgeries on a permanent basis thus giving a more doctor/patient continuity. Without doing this, doctors become spread too thinly in the various surgeries. Unfortunately it all boils down to the surgery being inadequate to cope with the needs of an ever increasing and ageing population.
  • I think that services have improved. I have had to telephone for 2 appointments recently and been given on each occasion an appointment with my own doctor. The telephone has been answered within 15 minutes of starting to dial the surgery at 0800.
  • Don’t really know as fortunately have had little need to use services over the past year.
  • Although improvements have been made there are still outstanding issues that could be addressed.
  • In my opinion services now are as good as they have ever been considering the number of patients registered with the Surgery. You are never going to satisfy everybody no matter how many improvements you put into place. It is humanly impossible.
  • Reading the feedback comments it would appear that no progress has been made in resolving the historic practice problems, especially securing telephone access to the appointments system. Personally I have been unable to obtain an appointment with the doctor to whom I am registered. Standing outside the Surgery to obtain an appointment smacks of what it was like before the NHS began.
  • Haven’t used the Surgery at Barton but the service I received at Goxhill was fine. However, I am not a regular visitor to the surgery, probably once, possibly twice a year.
  • I have seen an improvement in accessing appointments, but the most reliable method is still queuing outside from 7.45 am
  1. What more could we do to improve the services we offer?
  • Have it put on patient’s records if they miss an appointment and don’t allow those patients advance bookings and don’t penalise the ones that do always attend appointments.
  • Very little, if anything. Fortunately I am an infrequent user with no complaints. (No doubt flat screen TV in the waiting area would be wanted by some patients – complainants – and even then it would be on the wrong channel for them!).
  • I wish we could raise money to have an xray unit at the surgery instead of having to go to Scunthorpe. Hopefully we will get a bigger surgery eventually, but that’s in the future.
  • Very little, if you please some people you upset others.
  • Expansion is the only answer. There are vacant industrial units of Falklands Way and since you say the Dispensary brings in much needed funds, this could be expanded to serve all practice patients. The town bus could be re-routed for patients without transport. Time to get the local MP on board. Surely the rise in population since the surgery opened should add weight to the needs, is the Health Minister aware of your difficulties?
  • If a person needs a review of their medication, perhaps appointments can be made by the surgery and sent out to patients, just like the asthma patients receive? Patients with serious complaints/illnesses should, maybe, be allowed to be seen before minor ailments. I think some doctors in the surgery could be more understanding and sympathetic, rather than being rude!
  • 1) Have a doctor available each day on a numbered sit and wait system. 2) Also have a similar system in the early evening for people who have been at work. 3) Give patients the opportunity to make an appointment for a later date that in some cases is more convenient – obviously this, and the 2 previous proposals, would be subject to doctor availability.
  • Implement a percentage of appointment bookings on line as soon as possible and ensure these are early and late in the day to help working patients. Is there an easily readable notice in reception to inform patients they may ask for privacy if needed? I did not know this was possible.
  • Rota a HCA to take bloods as needed when a doctor requests to save a repeat visit and anxiety for the patient.
  • 1) Look at NHS Contracts for doctors in a bid to arrange extension/new contract to allow doctors to run evening/Saturday clinics for workers that cope with patient demand. Do something positive to help patients. 2) Devise a system for non-attendances, whereby a written letter outlines a cut-off of care for those who mock the system. Maybe a warning letter if they non-attend again their names will be taken off the surgery register. 3) Patient test results performed in Hull should be made available on GPs computer prior to letters arriving. This is done for Scunthorpe Hospital and is an important part of continuity of care especially when patients have signed to give GP/doctors access to their notes etc. 4) The doctor who knows you and is the main treatment giver should be the one who writes reports on you NOT a GP that the patient is registered to and doesn’t know the patient. Reports have been written with wrong dismissive information/not correctly completed/lines drawn through questions that are important because of a lack of information, OR a pre-assessment visit by the doctor who could talk to the patient about their care needs before filing out a form, is necessary. The current practises cause no end of problems for patients who have to then correct mistakes made. 5) Confidentiality – Treatment room 2. It is possible to hear everything said in that room. There are many occasions when the door is not shut properly. Although it is still possible to hear when it is closed. 6) NHS – It seems unjust that doctors in the surgery are now expected to take on extra NHS demands/meetings/student training etc when patients demand is so great, dissatisfied in general with service and main issues such as appointments and seeing your own GP not changing. Would time be better spent servicing patients first, then other commitments?
  • It is a great pity that the proposed relocation suggested some years ago never went ahead. The present Surgery for a town the size of Barton and surrounding area is by no means large enough. Patient confidentiality at the reception is no good enough. On street parking is poor.
  • A Partner and the Practice Manager could visit other Practices to see if they could see how others have resolved the problems. Suggest Crown House Practice at Retford.
  • Longer opening hours for those of us who work full time, even if it means asking people if they are available during the day. Keeping Goxhill surgery for Goxhill, Barrow and New Holland patients only, NOT Barton patients. Keeping some appointments free during the day for those who cannot ring at 8 am.
  • Allow those who work to pre-book appointments for follow-up, this would stop them having to take time off work.
  1. Given that it is not administratively possible to write to every patient personally, how would you suggest we communicate changes to patients in the future?
  • Not really sure, because some patients don’t attend the surgery often to get a newsletter and also may not have internet access.
  • Website for those with the facility. Notice board. Local press for non IT patients.
  • If the changes are not personal to just some patients, but to everybody, you could put a big poster on the windows of the surgery, one that would catch people’s eyes to read it. They did it with the flu jabs and it worked. It is also true that you can’t please everybody whatever is done.
  • Website. Post offices and council offices. Missing Link (Barrow’s local magazine).
  • Could you add a further automated message to your telephone line, then patients would have the option to listen to changes.
  • Make regular leaflets in the surgery that patients could pick up and read or put a message on the surgery door/window so that passing patients can read them, or print a message on their repeat prescriptions.
  • I fully agree with your regarding patient communication in the future, my only suggestion would be to display as per the annual flu injection information or have an external mounted information cabinet, or alternatively publish relevant information in the periodically published “Bartonian”.
  • Post notices in the window of key changes to accommodate patients without internet access, plus a large print copy of newsletter perhaps that can be read without entering the surgery. Could text messages be sent to mobiles?
  • As now. Website and leaflets available in both surgeries.
  • Posters in the surgery. Leaflets on tables to collect. Website.
  • I think that communication with all patients could be carried out by attaching a printout of pending changes to all patient repeat prescription documents – would this be feasible?
  • Judging by the comments, not everyone is aware of the existence of internet bulletin. Suggest the use of village magazine or Post Office notice boards.
  • Please remember that not everyone has email/computer. I suggest using notice boards in the villages or even in the surgeries. Also why not use the village newsletters, for instance, in Goxhill using the Goxhill Gander to communicate changes.
  • Emailed news-shots every quarter.

Next Steps

The action plan for the next 12 months is as follows:-

  1. To introduce an on-line booking system for appointments to improve access for working people.
  2. Further review the appointments system. We do however note from feedback that telephone access is a little easier although gaining an appointment is still difficult.
  3. The practice need to improve communication still further. Whilst we do now have a newsletter, many patients tell us that using the local Bartonian Magazine to update patients would be the most effective way to communicate. We will be looking into this.

Surgery Opening Hours

Our opening Times are as follows:-

Central Surgery – Barton-upon-Humber, Monday to Friday 8am to 6.30pm

Village Surgery – Goxhill, Monday to Friday 8am-1pm & 2pm-6pm

Our Surgery does not participate in Extended Hours



Gender Whole practice population Questionnaires Sent out Questionnaires returned PRG Membership
Male 49.5% 49.5% 39.4% 43%
Female 50.5% 50.5% 60.6% 57%


Ethnicity Whole practice population Questionnaires Sent out Questionnaires returned PRGMembership
White British 98.23% 96.8% 97.1% 91.5%
White Irish 0.16% 0.30% 0.3% Nil
Asian 0.07% 0.1% Nil Nil
Black 0.23% 0.2% Nil Nil
Mixed White/Black 0.11% 0.2% Nil 4.3%
Mixed White/Asian 0.08% 0.5% Nil Nil
Chinese 0.19% 0.1% Nil Nil
All Other 0.48% 1.2% Nil 2.1%
Ethnicity not disclosed 0.45% 0.5% 2.6% 2.1%


Age Range Whole Practice Population Questionnaires Sent Out Questionnaires Returned PRGMembership
14-16 4.5% 3.5% 2.9% Nil
17-24 10.1% 10.2% 5.5% 4.2%
25-34 12.0% 13.0% 8.3% 2.1%
35-44 16.3% 16.6% 9.5% 10.7%
45-54 17.6% 15.2% 16.4% 23.4%
55-64 17.0% 15.4% 22.1% 19.1%
65-74 12.9% 15.8% 22.7% 29.8%
75-84 7.0% 7.9% 9.8% 10.7%
85+ 2.7% 2.4% 2.9% Nil

To view and/or download the results of the 2012 Practice Survey, please follow the links below:

Survey_results_2012 (PDF, 149KB) PDF
Survey comments 2012 (PDF, 408KB) PDF
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